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Kanunların Gözden Geçirilmesi


Judgment is a state-owned function; it is essential that disputes arising between the parties be resolved in state courts. However, if the parties mutually agree, this jurisdiction that belongs to state courts, can be used by arbitrators in certain situations. Arbitration is the judgment made as a result of an agreement between the parties on the resolution of disputes arising or may arise between the parties, by means of independent arbitrators who derive their powers from this agreement, instead of solving their disputes with state jurisdiction. In arbitration both sides to a dispute agree to let a designated third party, the arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal decide the outcome of that legal dispute.


Arbitration is a common for companies which are seeking rapid and qualified dispute resolution. In particular, companies doing business in the international arena prefer independent and impartial arbitration institutions rather than trying to seek their rights in countries they do not know their laws.


As Koluman Law, we have a significant arbitration experience. We have represented industry-leading companies as counsel in ad hoc arbitration and trials before many leading arbitration institutions, including ICSID and ICC. Our expertise in this field comes from our trained staff in arbitration and 32 years of national and international experience.


As Koluman Law, our aim is to conclude the arbitration proceedings quickly and reliably and consequently to protect the interests of our clients by enforceable decisions. In this context, we offer qualified and expert solutions to our clients in dispute resolution in both investment arbitration and commercial arbitration.


Our services in the field of arbitration include:


  • Preparation of arbitration agreements,


  • As a legal counsel, resolution of the dispute in the interests of the client in a fast and reliable manner,


  • The application for the annulment of the arbitral award,


  • We also provide expert solutions to our clients in the field of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

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