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Hakimin Masası


As Koluman Law, we work with many leading companies in the sector with our experienced and expert staff to contribute to their smooth growth and development. In this context, we have been providing reliable and solution-oriented consultancy services to companies working both nationally and internationally for 32 years.


As Koluman Law, our aim is to take your company one step ahead in your sector. For this purpose, we offer reliable solutions to many companies from different sectors with our staff, who combine the highest international standards with local expertise and offer innovation and expertise together.


Within these solutions, we provide:


  • Preparation, control and revision of your company's contracts, both in Turkish and foreign language,


  • Amending contracts in line with legal obligations,


  • Arrangement of dispute resolution methods in contracts,


  • Preventing possible disputes by conducting a deep analysis of legal relations of your company and eliminating possible deficiencies in this regard,


We offer qualified and reliable solutions to resolve disputes in a fast and professional manner, keeping the interests of your company at the forefront.


By legal consultancy, it is aimed to strengthen the legal infrastructures of the companies, to establish the legal basis of the current business, to prevent future disputes and to protect the interests of the company in the best possible way.


As Koluman Law, we are always with you as your solution partner in the national and international arena.

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